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@ag Appreciate for posting my snippet to M-x tips. A nice surprise in the morning.


Hey, sorry, I should've probably asked you first.


I've figured you shared it with us already, a few more people would be okay


Yep, no worries about that.


Thank you!


Thanks @UKFSJSM38. This has been a pain point for me as well. I wonder if there is a better REPL icon...


me too, I didn't find anything better on all-the-icons.el , but I think this is a start


Pretty cool, indeed!

parrot 4

@UKFSJSM38 looks great, thank you. I just started using doom modeling for my live coding broadcasts, so this will be a nice addition. Do you know if there is a full colour icon for Clojure buffers, similar to the colour emacs icon for elisp buffers?


Thanks @U05254DQM, glad it helps 🙂 I think enabling doom-modeline-major-mode-icon already displays a icon using all-the-icons.el package for clojure buffers too:


Yes, I have that icon, but it's not as nice as the Emacs logo. I was hoping to have a Clojure icon more like Was wondering if it's possible and just needed a pull request


I see, sadly this is not easy as these icons are from a very famous package called all-the-icons.el , and they are not images, So I think this is not easy to customize or change on doom-modeline 😕


It would be nice to use something like this clojure font I just made (its essentially the inverse of that used for all-the-icons and seems to be more comparable to the Emacs and markdown fonts that I see in the doom mode line. I will see if I can figure out how to use this with doom mode line or see if all-the-icons will take a pr (assuming I can figure out how to add it to their existing font)


I could not open the link (404), but a PR on all-the-icons may be a way to use it on modeline and many other paces like treemacs and dired.


Opps, made it private by mistake, its public now. On my setup it seems treemacs and dird already use a nice colored logo. I will take a look at the all-the-fonts project at the weekend, have a lot of other things I need to do by then :)


looks really good, but it seems to be clojure specific, I don't know what all-the-icons guys will think about it 😕


maybe you can try to edit a exists font and include that image


replacing/adding to a font that already exists on all-the-icons: