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Ahmed Hassan19:04:31

When I run M-x pcomplete it prompts Invalid function: pcomplete-here on Doom Emacs. What is the problem?


don't have an answer for you but doom emacs discord and maintainer highly recommended

Ahmed Hassan21:04:58

Thanks, any resources to learn Evil mode? I've never used Vim, but want to give it try.


Vim tutorials!


linked from there i noticed: toward the end of that, there is this quote: > You need to invest quite some effort to learn, memorize, and internalize the 30 or so commands that start making you more productive than with other editors. does that seem accurate to you?


well in any case, i've printed the first cheat sheet out and i think i might try to learn one key a day from it.


Yup, it'll take you some time to catch up. That doesn't meant the basics aren't sufficient to be productive, though. You'll increase your productivity with each new command. I didn't try to memorize everything upfront (only that graphical tutorial) - knowing what's out there and learning it when you need it worked just fine (as in "dang I remember something about editing quoted text").


thanks! your point about being aware of the existence of certain things makes a fair bit of sense. the idea that possibly there are only about 30 or so commands that could give a fair bit of benefit is quite motivating. i just have no idea what those are, but i suppose it's likely that some if not all of them are on the cheat sheet. it wasn't until some years back that i became aware of the "composing" of commands aspect so hopefully i'll get to experience that in-depth soon.


no, i did this one: or rather just the first page. i think the graphical aspect of it somehow makes the memorization aspect better in my case. i find being able to see the whole picture on one page to be helpful, but also the color and layout not being so uniform. it's like with code, i try to get my functions to fit on one page so i can leverage my visual system to help hold the whole thing in my mind at once. long lists don't work as well for me, but thanks for the link, i will take a look anyway. may be i will at least remember some things 🙂 the thematic grouping is nice.


You can set the Cider-specific keybindings as Evil local keys like this:

(defun clojure-mappings ()
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "°") 'cider-eval-buffer)
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "M-§") 'cider-eval-buffer)
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "§") 'cider-eval-defun-at-point)
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "Ö") 'cider-find-var)
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "q") 'cider-popup-buffer-quit)
  (evil-local-set-key 'normal (kbd "K") 'cider-doc))

(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'clojure-mappings)


btw, i saw "efficient editing with vim" recommended -- didn't seem to be in its original location, but had it: this article has grouped commands with explanations and examples. haven't finished it yet, but i'm finding it helpful.


This one's also pretty useful

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thanks, that looks good -- i've only skimmed so far, but am inclined to go through it in detail. loved this bit at the end: > All of what I've described here should work on any old copy of vi from 20 or 30 years ago.

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@UCMNZLJ93 I really started picking up Vim quickly when I learnt the Vi language constructs. Then almost everything is a combination of verbs, modifiers and object

Ahmed Hassan18:04:49

How much useful do you find lispy/paredit/smartparens in Evil mode of Emacs?

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Essential! I use Lispy, but the final decision to switch to emacs was made after watching someone using paredit proficiently


Smartparens (the newer version of paredit) in global strict mode is essential to my Clojure workflow. Smartparens is also useful for other languages too. I didnt get on with lispy or parinfer as they change things unexpectedly on me. I like to be in control of the changes to the structure. As I use Evil with Emacs, then I also use evil-cleverparens so vim actions respect the structure.


@U05254DQM thanks for sharing "learning evil by speaking vim" -- laughed a bit at the title, but i suppose this is familiar humor for things having to do with evil-mode 🙂

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Ahmed Hassan12:04:40
replied to a thread:Vim tutorials!

How can we create key bindings for evil mode? (

Ahmed Hassan18:04:49
replied to a thread:Vim tutorials!

How much useful do you find lispy/paredit/smartparens in Evil mode of Emacs?

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