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I'm trying to setup Clojure within org-mode. can someone spare few minutes to help me out? 🙂 for now, I'm getting the below error: The lein executable isn't on your 'exec-path' on trying to compile a Clojure code block


how do you start your emacs session?


the following should give the value of exec-path:

M-: exec-path <RET>


at a shell, which lein should give a full path to lein if it's on the shell's PATH comparing the 2 results might help with understanding the situation better.


i think some people find: helpful, and the README has some relevant information regarding configuring one's shell (specifically the last 2 paragraphs of:

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@thegobinath this is how I create literate programming with Clojure and org-mode. You can use either Leiningen of Clojure CLI tools It does sound like you do not have Leiningen set up correctly I your operating system path. If you just installed Leiningen, test it on tha command line, once it works there (from any directory) then start Emacs and try again. Check Emacs is picking up your operating system path if it's still not working.

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Thanks! I got it to work...