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This might also be some valid bug. Unfortunately clj-refactor hasn’t been getting much love lately.


@jr0cket Everything in clj-refactor requires a running REPL. The simpler refactorings were moved to clojure-mode a while ago.


Thanks for confirming. Although I always have a REPL running, I do now find it easier to use the more general tools you can add to Emacs (helm-swoop, helm-ag, iedit, multiple cursors) as you can use them with any programming language and plan text. I liked the idea of clj-refactor initially, especially coming from big IDE's. I now find the more general tools as effective, but appreciate they take a little time to learn. Hope you and your family / friends are safe and well.


Thanks! Well, I don’t use clj-refactor myself - grep is my find-usages. 😄


is there a way to use cider with prepl already? Tempted to allow the use of a remote repl on a service (off by default), for debugging, but I am a bit worried about adding cider-nrepl as dep


i don't think so. I just use socket repl (via SSH tunnel) for this; possibly combined with unravel


99% emacs users, so I don't want to be on the receiving end if I break tooling.


quick grep on the repo says no


conjure is one of the few setups that has prepl support -- but that's in vim land


@mpenet i think cider-nrepl might do some things to standard out that might not be great in prod. check out.clj in there


it's not to be used in prod


it's purely a restart with flag --nrepl and play at your own risk