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It is possible to configure projectile to recognise a project within another project? I have a ~/projects/exercism/clojure directory that is managed by Git. That directory contains several Clojure projects. I would like to use projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test whilst in a specific Clojure project, eg ~/projects/exercsim/clojure/bank-account to switch between source and test. Unfortunately, it cant switch as projectile believes is a generic project, I assume because there is a .git directory in the parent of bank account. So is there a way, for example using a dir.local.el to tell projectile to use the bank-account directory as the root of the project when any file from the bank account directory is open. I have tried a few experiments, but nothing has worked yet.


I found a solution to my project within projects. As they are all the same type of project, clojure-cli (well actually they are Leiningen projects, but the same pattern matching is used) then I added a dir.local.el file to the root of the projectile project (`~/projects/exercism/clojure` and everything works nicely.

((nil . ((projectile-project-type . clojure-cli))))

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Just in case someone else has a similar problem. I noticed that my Emacs, as soon as I was jacked into CIDER, would constantly automatically reformat my code. As it turned out, lispy-mode is the evildoer in this case. I uninstalled it. What are you guys using for parenthesis modifications? Ideally something that cooperates with evil-mode. Currently I am back to paredit.


Are you referring to Lispy auto-deleting whitespace before closing parens? I think that behavior can be controlled with a variable lispy-ignore-whitespace


I use smartparens with strict mode for structured editing in all languages. As I use Evil, I also use evil-cleverparens so evil commands respect structural editing. They are both in Spacemacs, just need toggling on.


@UCPS050BV auto-deleting whitespace, auto-reformatting the line the cursor is on, stuff like when I insert a newline it deletes it again, adding whitespace before a colon and before a # sign, and so on


Aboabo is very responsive - it might be worth opening an issue on github


I use lispyville and never had any of those issues - maybe that's worth a try