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Is there a package that prevents me from deleting parens in normal mode (evil)?


evil-paredit did the trick


Anyone using ctags successfully with Clojure to jump to definitions and other symbols? I have ctags installed and can create a local database of tags using helm gtags and choosing the ctags backend, but searching on tags does not seem to find anything. I am wondering how to debug this issue. This is my first time using gtags/ctags


I think dumb-jump is a better choice @jr0cket


Yes, I haven't really felt the need for ctags/gtags, but I was curious as they seem common in other languages. Although I can get a ctags dictionary generated for a Clojure project, , I failed to get Emacs gtags to work with it or generate its own gtags for the Clojure project. So without further inspiration, I will abandoned ctags. I have plenty of other things to discover.


I use that as fallback when I don't have a cider connected


with lsp you can jump to definitions, it’s more reliable than anything else. Caveat? It still takes some time to start. I wish someone tried wrapping clojure-lsp with Graal


I will have a look as LSP although haven't looked into how to set up the Clojure side of things for Spacemacs. Adding the lsp layer is easy enough, but my understanding is you need to configure something for each specific language.


Why does it matter if Clojure-LSP takes three seconds to start? How often are you restarting your editor?


Yeah, it’s just a minor annoyance, I agree. Still would be very nice if it started faster. Having to wait for both lsp-server to start and then CIDER to jack-in a bit too much


at work i have a single long running process. at home i play with shadow and do lots of one offs and read lots of code from different projects. this kills my machine as viewing a deps.edn file or reading files in random projects starts up lots of jvms


i don't know how to kill an lsp session so i'll killall java occasionally


Why even kill lsp at all? It isn't meant to be handled by you at all


yeah, you can just disconnect


because if i leave emacs open and read a file from three different projects i have 4 lsps open and my repl


i run out of cpu and memory


I’m not exactly sure what you mean, M-x lsp-disconnect doesn’t work?


i think i had missed that one. i think i had been searching for close


but that should solve my woes. thanks!


the problem with lsp-disconnect - lsp injects lsp related hooks, etc. but doesn’t clean up after itself, so for example you do lsp-disconnect, but imenu would be broken