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Robert A. Randolph13:01:03

I'm looking to see if anyone has a working emacs daemon/client setup on macOS using a GUI-based emacs, and if so I'd like to know your setup. Everything I've found online does not seem to work properly (extra windows, frames not recognized by window manager, extra terminal windows etc..)

Nir Rubinstein14:01:55

@audiolabs - can you please explain what is the purpose of the deamon/client? I'm running a regular doom-emacs distro (gui) and it opens up in no-time on my macOS

Robert A. Randolph14:01:39

@nirrub emacs does not open quickly on my system, it does not seem possible to optimize package loading because I use desktop mode (many buffers load on start) that end up loading all of my packages anyway. I'm on a 2019 mbp i9, and emacs takes about 16 seconds to load.

Robert A. Randolph14:01:17

I would like to be running a daemon, and connect to it from an GUI instance when necessary.

Nir Rubinstein14:01:41

@audiolabs - Wow - 16 secs is ages!!!! OTOH, my config only load the welcome screen and basic (non-lang specific) packages - it opens in 1.5 secs. Sorry I can't be more help with this issue.

Robert A. Randolph14:01:36

Yeah, my package configuration is a bit heavy because I have to switch languages frequently.


If merely doing a quick test that M-x server-start in my initial Emacs window, followed by emacsclient filename from a terminal does not start up a new window, but uses the existing one, is sufficient evidence for you, I got that result on macOS 10.14 with GNU Emacs 26.3 binary downloaded from here:


I don't have much in the way of add-on packages, but a few from MELPA.


and you have to add a couple of directories in /Applications/ to you shell's command path to have reasonably short commands to type, but that is one time setup


Not clear to me whether it suffers from any of the issues you mention, though.