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I just upgraded spacemacs-develop and all installed packages, and now some paredit (?) thing broke. When deleting the opening parenthesis of a pair like () it used to delete the full pair, now it just deletes that opening parenthesis. Any idea where to start looking for this?


Just checking, did you update the .spacemacs config file, e.g SPC f e D to edif your .spacemacs config file against the new spacemacs-template. Also check in .spacemacs for the setting dotspacemacs-smartparens-strict-mode t


If you are using Evil (Vim style) editing, then enable safe structured editing


If you restart Emacs and it’s still not working, perhaps there is a bug in the newest smartparens package. You could try pinning that package to a previous version of smartparens, e.g Or if your previous package update was not to long ago, rollback your package update, freeze smartparens and then do a package update.