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link 1 & 3 are the same


Since you’re using use-package I think it would be cleaner to use the :custom keyword


@suvratapte so useful. thats nice !

Suvrat Apte18:12:39

Thanks @papachan! I'm glad you found it useful 😄


a minor note: it appears that the link above to part 1 sends me to part 3


re: part 1 - generally, i found the selection of what was covered to be useful. summarizing the tutorial seemed like a good idea. some specific minor points: * how about headings for some of the subsections (e.g. within the tutorial summary)? * may be you meant "advise" not "advice" -- at least in the version of english i'm used to that's what i'd say, but may be in other versions it's different? * "Use C-x o to move across windows" -> "Use C-x o to move among windows" seems a bit clearer to me * may be mention that one confirms the killing of a buffer (there is no mention in "Press C-x k to kill a buffer.") * worth mentioning that point actually represents something between characters, not on a character? * although i don't use the toolbar, i wonder whether it's such a great idea to disable the menu bar, especially for folks who are unfamiliar with emacs in any case, overall, nice work :thumbsup:

Suvrat Apte06:12:44

Thank you so much for this careful review! I will make the changes. 🙂