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im revisiting emacs from time to time, but i keep hitting roadblocks. is there an equivalent of the language syntax/scope based extend/shrink selection solution for emacs? here is some example screenshots how intellij does this: i use it all the time with cursive and without it, i just feel im moving like a sloth...


That is why my personal recommendation for beginners is to use one of the community edition distributions - Spacemacs, Doom, etc. They help you at least to learn the ecosystem of existing packages and features and possibilities. Using a tool like one can even experiment with different configurations.


atom has 2 plugins for this feature: • if there is an even better way of selecting expressions than this, im keen on learning about it. i also use ctrl-k then cmd-z then cmd-v to kill expressions until end of line then undo and paste, but that only works in limited situations


One more vote for expand-region - it’s one of my favourite packages.


There’s also easy-kill .


In Spaacemacs Evil normal state it’s just v to keep expanding and V to shrink. With SPC v to initially select on a word or syntax expression.