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hey all, I'd love links to various inf-clojure setups. 🙂


they're hard to find so I figured I'd just ask directly.


I use inf-clojure, but probably in a very very basic way. All I do is bind about 3 or 4 key combos to commands that (a) start inf-clojure and connect to a socket REPL on my local machine on a particular hard-coded TCP port that I use in my projects, (b) another key to send the expression just before the cursor to the REPL and eval it, and (c) I'm not even sure I have a (c), certainly not one I use often enough to remember.


Ah, I checked my setup and there is one more I sometimes use: (c) a binding to do inf-clojure-set-ns, so that if I am in a buffer for the non-current namespace, editing a function, and I want to redefine it with the new definition in its namespace, I do not have to type (in-ns ', but just the key binding that does inf-clojure-set-ns, which probably somehow parses the ns form near the beginning of the file to figure it out, and send the right (in-ns ...) command and eval it for me. Then eval the function.