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Is there a tool can help me find typos when developing clojure in emacs? especially for typo :keyword.


(if integrated with flycheck mode, that is)


Seem cool thing


I might use it also ๐Ÿ˜ I am a senior typos developer

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Looks like misspell does a good job for english words. But in my case, there are a lot variables that is not english. I hope something find the similar words those has posibility for one of them is typo. e.g. params and parmas


are you genuinely aiming to tackle typos? i.e. literally the generalised problem of typos, be it in docstrings, variable names, etc rather, you might want a two-faced solution which really isn't typo-centric: - using clojure.spec to catch bad arguments - using a specific keyword linter for ensuring consistency between the corpus of keywords within your codebase


yeah, I think spec is good for this, but the typo problem can come at any moment.


It is disabled by default because on several Clojure projects I have run it on, it can be fairly noisy, for code written apparently as the author intended it, e.g. some Clojure authors intentionally use keywords that are similar to each other.


with this approach, you trim down the problem domain and can forget about English language intricacies, an approach which seems bound to give false positives/negatives.


@vemv Often people just repeat the same typo all over the code. clojure.spec wonโ€™t help you with that. ๐Ÿ™‚


@ both: yeah, I can see how people may genuinely care about typos


I do not do copy/paste so much in order to find typos. But how I find it is running into some error. compiler won't tell you the keyword is wrong and keyword is so widely used in Clojure.


anybody has a good example of how to setup emacs/cider/shadow-cljs properly? I'm not able to get repl working in emacs


have you considering going with a starter/defaults kit for a while? e.g. later you can discard it, the point is to get you up and running