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Does anyone use multiple eyebrowse layouts with projectile. How do you manage keeping buffers focused in a specific layout to a project. I find that sometimes I just happen to accidentally switching to a buffer outside of the intended layout's project buffers. I started working on a layer that jails projects to specific layouts, but wondered if there's a package somewhere out there.


you ever tried persp-mode ?


I've never had luck with that, adding buffers individually seems tedious. I can have an eyebrowse layout, use projectile to switch to project, and then from there use projectile find file to navigate to files. It's just when I switch between project and do something like previous buffer, that then takes me to a buffer that isn't even in the intendend project. This is mainly because none of these libraries are aware of each other. I was working on a multi-layout manager that you could associate projects with each layout, but then the hard part was gluing the two concepts together. I'd probably have to override buffer navigation commands to only navigate within the current project buffer, which I stopped at.


you don’t use Spacemacs, do you?


reason I’m asking, because I think in Spacemacs they did pretty good integration with both: persp and eyebrowse


I use persp (they call them Layouts in Spacemacs) to separate projects from each other, and eyebrowse (they call them workspaces) to have separate contexts of windows within a single project, e.g: set of windows for writing code, and another set of windows for running tests

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I'm facing the similar problem, I'm not using spacemacs. Can persp change the buffer list?


I think that’s what literally persp.el is for


I'll look deeper into persp and see what it offers. I use spacemacs at work and a personal config for perosnal stuff. I've found more problems with the spacemacs implementation over time but haven't dug very deep as I am going to transition to my personal config for work.


you may want to use this: so you can keep two different profiles, your own and spacemacs. I never had a chance to play with that thing, but it looks cool. also you may want to consider to try Spacemacs-base, and grow your config around it, instead of wasting time trying to build your own config from scratch


Oh my personal build is pretty solid, it's been months in the making lol. I only need to add some stuff for Javascript for work. But I plan on moving off spacemacs and scuttling pieces as needed which I did for a lot of my current custom config