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Has anybody here ever seen an orgmode style guide in the lines of clojure-style-guide? I find that deciding on how the data should be placed on my own is a big time sink and reason for many hours changing how things are formatted. If I could just follow a wise set of guidelines it would surely help me tremendously.


It's one of the few things I'll always be envious of Hyperbole.


I’ve been meaning to check out Hyperbole for a while, how does it handle that situation better than Org?


Everything is forced into a structure by default. It has its pros and cons, of course, but I'm someone that struggles when given too much choices, so I think it is a good thing when all I need is to lay things out fast and be productive. 🙂 Hyperbole is a big project and is very opinionated, so I think it is a great thing to play with, even if just to have a view of another great tool for Emacs, but I couldn't handle it in the long term and Org just felt more practical and since it has wide recognition, much more usable. I'm talking mostly about Koutliner, which is what really interested me in the Hyperbole set of tools. Anyway, it is definitely worth to play with it over a weekend.


I loose a lot of time trying to rationalize how to lay things out in orgmode.. bookmarks, todos, calendar entries, articles, links to read later... each thing has its needs and it seems that org can deal with all and be poor at dealing with most.


Thanks for following up. I sometimes feel the same way about Org. It’s very flexible, but I’m not always sure how to organise my information. I’ll give Hyperbole a try!