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@macrobartfast I use a layout for each project I work with, so simply switch to the right layout and search project. Not quite what you asked for, but may be of interest.


@jr0cket I'll look at that... thanks!


TIL exists, looks powerful. In previous occasions whenever I had to do some serious Java I abstained from Emacs also I was thinking, one could hack it to provide accurate completions in clojure buffers. e.g. for (.| some-object),


| being the cursor one could build 'fake' java code on the fly, figure out the completions for that, and offer them for clojure


Java completion with cider worked for me once I included the source tarball from maven, but not before.


IIRC there's the annoyance that for each .jar dependency, a "source variant" (not the exact term) has to be specified, which neither Lein or Cider automate (I don't think using LSP would fix this to be clear)


In any case I don't think CIDER does type inference, so completions aren't so accurate for Java interop that spans more than one symbol. That's what I had in mind some clojure+lsp+emacs hack


Yeah, that's been my experience with cider, which was sort of a non-starter. Eclipse handles it just fine, though I'm not sure how exactly it does that.

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That's good to know about CIDER and type inference, I didn't know that was a goal of the java LSP implementation.


I explained myself badly 🙂 with inference I meant, given (-> some-obj .|)


how do you know the type of some-obj for completions?


I haven’t the foggiest, but that sounds like a really lovely feature.


And when I was doing Android development, I used the Eclipse completion server to get completion for Java code, though I can't remember the setup off the top of my head (and this was in ~2012)


Which isn't really making any comments on a java LSP server for emacs; that sounds really cool.

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