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hey guys, i am completly new at at emacs and functional programming, so i am reading Clojure for the brave and true and trying to get emacs set up to start writing some clojure code, but i keep getting this error

Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `ghub'.                                                                                                 
 2Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
 3Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `magit'.                                                                                                
 4Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
 5Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `ghub'.                                                                                                 
 6Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
 7Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `cider'.                                                                                                
 8Required package `seq-2.16' is unavailable                                                                                                          
 9Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `ghub'.                                                                                                 
10Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
11Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `magit'.                                                                                                
12Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
13Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `ghub'.                                                                                                 
14Required package `let-alist-1.0.5' is unavailable                                                                                                   
15Warning (emacs): Unable to activate package `cider'.                                                                                                
16Required package `seq-2.16' is unavailable    
i don't know how to get out of this. any help please?


systems info `


debian 9, emacs:  emacs -version
GNU Emacs 24.5.1
Copyright (C) 2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
You may redistribute copies of Emacs
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.


I can’t help with the emacs stuff, but that books introduction is very old and out of date these days. You don’t need emacs to get started with clojure. You can also work with Vs code, atom, or Cursive.


Need to go, but do have a look at the above and see if it doesn’t help you play with Clojure a little bit easier, without getting emacs in the way.


Both let-alist-1.0.5 and seq-2.16 are on elpa Adding ELPA to the sources in your init file might help


thanks guys, those links helped 🙂


@quieterkali if you would like to use Emacs for Clojure development, then there are excellent install instructions in the official docs Or if you want a Vim/Emacs combination, try Spacemacs The other editors I recommend are, VSCode, or IntelliJ - as mentioned here


@jr0cket actually i switched to Spacemacs, trying to understand how it works


do you know how to create a new forder?


SPC f f will create any missing folders for you when you just type in the name of a file (or M-m f f if you are only using Emacs style editing).

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So if you have project/src/ folder and want to create a project/test/core.clj file then you would SPC f f and use the helm popup to have a path of project/test/core.clj which should show test.clj file in the helm list with a [?] at the end to show that it would be created. Press RET to create a new buffer with that file name. When you first save SPC f s Emacs will ask you if you want to create the missing test folder. This works for multiple folders.

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If you have a lot of Spacemacs specific questions we do have a #spacemacs channel too


@jr0cket thank you very much your answer 🙂