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@danielcompton fyi, with this config it works for me on macOS:

(use-package super-save
  :ensure t
  (setq super-save-auto-save-when-idle t)
  (super-save-mode +1))
this is not required for it to work: (super-save-auto-save-when-idle t) but will save after 5 seconds when emacs is idle: funny never noticed that dot until now 🙂


super save can be extra annoying when figwheel fails to pick up some changes though. Not sure how to fix that.


I use emacs/cider in a terminal; when I have an error it appears in a new pane that gains focus; I have to navigate back to my file to resolve the error; if there are two files open I have to explicitly navigate back to the file the error pane replaced; can I set things up to handle the display/notification of error less obtrusively?


does pressing q not close the error pane?


it does, but if I had two panes side by side previously (when working with two or more buffers, which I usually am) it closes them too.


I'm guessing some of the more gui emacs provide pop up or overlays that get dismissed.


as a side note, I saw a setup recently that seemed to show a large yellow caution sign that appeared over everything for a second... not sure what was causing that to appear.


I dont' want to get rid of it as I don't have it, but that's what I was seeing, apparently.


I guess what I need is an error message that creates a new pane that then can be dismissed leaving the previous pane arrangement.


right now it uses an open pane, and so I have to dismiss the pane entirely, or awkwardly navigate back to the previous file before switching to my main work buffer to resolve the issue.


but my whole approach may be off.


just preventing the pointer from moving to the error buffer would probably be a good start, but not sure how to do that.


I’ve got a clj repl on the top right and a cljs repo on the bottom right


Whenever I execute a command against a cljs file like the bottom left I get a “No CLJS repls in the current session”


Looks like you’re using figwheel. Did you open up the webpage and allow figwheel to finish connecting before you started evaluating cljs code?


The figwheel page with the random port?


It would be going to a web browsers and loading up localhost on whatever port your application is hosted on.


Oh in that case yes, I was viewing the web application and figwheel has built the project.


your repl says "pending-cljs" it hasn't finished the transition from clj -> cljs


what are your setups for evaluating code/seeing errors?

Chris Bidler22:12:17

@macrobartfast I use cider and emacs (currently in OSX “GUI” emacs but fullscreen with no menubar, previously in terminal) and for me the cider-error stacktrace window is displayed over the “other window” (e.g. if I C-c C-e in my editor, the cider-error buffer is displayed in my REPL window), but pressing q simply dismisses that buffer and returns me to my regularly-scheduled REPL buffer

Chris Bidler22:12:19

Not sure what config difference would lead to that different behavior but what you describe is tooth-grindingly poor quality of life. If digging through my .emacs.d can help you not have that, I’m happy to do it. 😇


It’s been saying pending-cljs indefinitely


My setup is figwheel, cider, spacemacs using a luminus web app template.


@chris_johnson that is really helpful, and (when convenient) I'd actually really appreciate any .emacs.d archaeology...


I've been in this situation for (embarrassed now!) about 2 years.