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I have to work on a small Java project 😞 and have never used emacs for Java. Is it doable or should I just use IntelliJ for the Java? If anyone uses emacs for Java and could point me to their config I would greatly appreciate it! thx!


OK, I may be in the minority here using inf-clojure instead of Cider, but inf-clojure creates a command inf-clojure-eval-last-sexp that sends the expression before point to the REPL buffer and evaluates it. At least with the version I am using, it does not cause the REPL buffer to show the expression, only the output from evaluating it. I'd like a similar command that shows the expression in the REPL, too, so when I am reading through the REPL I can see what was being evaluated, not only its output.

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Off-topic, but do you have an elisp config that juggles between using inf-clojure and cider? I would be interested in knowing how that's done


I'd like to do development and cider, and then maybe try and spin up a inf-clojure repl for a production server


@andy.fingerhut I think we already have this command. Let me just see how it was named. Something like insert-and-eval


Ah, actually there are such commands only in CIDER. They blur in my mind from time to time. Please file a ticket for this and I’ll get it done when I can. I don’t pay much attention to inf-clojure these days (too many projects going on), but for someone I respect so much I can add a couple of simple commands. 🙂


something quite strange happening this morning, I fire both Clj and Cljs repls


the repl is connected since I can do (js/alert ) from it and auto reloading works


but I can't evaluate anything in the cljs files, it says the Repl is not connected


it was working yesterday and I didn't really change anything, I also moved from 0.18 stable to the 0.18 snapshot


maybe it's something to do with the project itself, but still is there a way to try to assign a repl?


or any idea why this problem could occur?


uhm in another project it all works as usual, so never mind


something messed up with my project maybe


@andrea.crotti In the 0.18.1-snapshot branch we only have a few small bugfixes. Nothing significant has changed.


I'm actually really confused about what's going on, I tried now on another machine as well and it's the same thing


I also disabled the cider-default-cljs-repl and selected Figwheel at start


it seems to all work correctly, the cljs repl stays in pending cljs and then renames to "*cider-repl personal/elo:localhost:39591(clj)*<2>"


no errors at all in the JS console or in the cljs repl though, which still works if I call something directly


but it's not linked correctly so any evaluation in a cljs file doesn't work


alright I found the problem

-                   [com.cemerick/piggieback "0.2.2"]
+                   [cider/piggieback "0.3.9"]


so probably it just stopped working with 0.1.8 and that old version of piggieback


@andrea.crotti you probably just saved me a bunch of work figuring out the same issue. haven't been able to evaluate in a CLJS REPL in a certain project since updating CIDER/etc.


hehe in your welcome @lilactown


I only found out by checking out the cider docs related to figwheel again


I didn't even rememberh that piggieback was moved


and it's particularly nasty since I could not find a single error


maybe an extra assertion somewhere might help @bozhidar? for example to make sure you have a recent version of piggieback?


hmm actually that didn't fix it lol. I notice that when I connect, I get a message version-to-list: Version must be a string


I'm connecting remotely to a shadow-cljs server


mm no it's not the same thing then


> maybe an extra assertion somewhere might help @bozhidar? for example to make sure you have a recent version of piggieback?


Yeah, I’ve been planning to do this for a while, as many people were bit by this. Haven’t had much time for CIDER the past few weeks, though.


@lilactown Can you share with us some more context - e.g. the whole stacktrace?


that's the only thing I see in messages. I'm not emacs-savvy enough to get anymore