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@vemv According to the changelog the newest stable version is 24


I see 25 is marked as beta. Not a big deal, though. The paredit documentation is notoriously hard to find. 🙂


good to know that paredit isn't as rusty as I thought 🙂


Yeah. It’s amazing that its author worked on it for so long. My oldest project (Projectile) is now 7 years old and this seems like forever to me. paredit is probably 20 years old or something like this.

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And I just noticed CIDER is 6 (started in 2012). They grow up so fast! 😄


the other day I noticed this, made me smile


Yeah, I certainly didn’t see this coming. I started Projectile because I had some issues with find-file-at-project back in the day and in the beginning it had 0 configuration, only native file indexing and only one interactive command. 😄 I’m still puzzled how things got where they are today. 😄

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