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One small detail with aggressive-ident mode. When you press enter(newline), the cursor stays at indented location and deletes all the space in the previous line, if it was empty, very good. But it doesn't do it with backspace, if the line above is empty, I would like it to move the cursor to indented location automatically, but not the the beginning of line. Is there a way to do this?


@chase-lambert I didn't do the spacemacs route, but I found that starting with a config which was more traditional, in my case the "emacs starter kit", the now abandoned technomancy setup, followed by gradually replacing the things I used with my own config version, worked for me. I also used Bodil Stokke's emacs.d as a template for organizing stuff.


in the end I copy/pasted a dozen lines of esk that I was still using and uninstalled esk completely