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perfect! thanks!


CIDER 0.18 (Saigon) is out! Read all about it here TL;DR: Yeah, those are a TON of changes indeed! Pay close attention to everything marked with “Breaking”, as some of those might surprise you! Generally you should know the following: * CIDER now supports nREPL 0.4 * We’ve revamped completely the connection management, so be sure to check * Now the canonical way to start CIDER is C-c M-x (M-x cider) or C-c C-x .... The old jack-in and connect keybindings will be removed at some point for the sake of consistency. * CIDER will now auto-inject piggieback for ClojureScript REPLs. * Many keymaps were changed significantly in order to make them consistent, group related actions together and to free up keys on the top-level (C-c C/M-letter). * CIDER and cider-nrepl are now released independently (not really obvious now, but should become clear what I mean after a few releases). Thanks to everyone who helped with the current release! I love you all! Special thanks to the London Clojurians, Daniel Compton and Clojurists Together for their support! Now it’s time for me to take a long break and enjoy a few mugs of cold cider! Cheers!

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am I the only one who experiences frequent lockups with long outputs? Sometimes I derp and execute something that dumps megabytes of data into the buffer and my emacs crashes


is there some way to avoid this?


(apart from me trying not to output more than a few lines into the REPL … but sometimes that is genuinely unknowable)