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Emacs 26.1 was just released !!! emacs partywombat party-corgi

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Carlos Rojas23:05:26

Great! Are you already gonna start using it for daily work?


> Emacs can now be run as a GUI application from the command line on macOS. Interesting! I can do that right now of course (`open path/to/`) but iirc there was some drawback... Like properly receiving arguments > ns-transparent-titlebar maybe the sole reason why I was using railwaycat/homebrew-emacsmacport, gotta try it out


how do I create a hook for copying/killing/items added to the kill ring. I don't see hooks for functions like "kill-region"


I'm looking into advice (defadvice/add-function) but haven't had luck getting it working, complains the kill-region function is void


I'm doing some elisp I am trying to use the built in url lib but it's pretty bad to use. It just locks up my emacs. Any suggestions which is a good http library for emacs?


Thank you will try this one out