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Is there any built-in emacs frunction to get the boundries of a whole s-expression the cursor is in. Trying to trace down the keybinding "<C-M x>" in cider and emacs-mode, can't seem to find which function is responsible for selecting the sexp for evaluation.


right in front of my eyes

  (setq beg (point))
  (setq form (read (current-buffer)))
  (setq end (point)))
beg and end mark the boundries.


There are no built-in functions. You can take a look at cider-sexp-at-point and cider-last-sexp.


Those should eventually end up in clojure-mode, but as it stands - they live only in CIDER>


Hi there! CIDER q. I'd like to (prn *e) whenever I hit an error in the repl. I am aware that cider-show-error-buffer exists, but for now I have it set to nil (it still can be handy to visit *cider-error* which fortunately is always created. But I don't like popups) How can one establish such behavior? This was my attempt, did nothing: (Thread/setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler (reify Thread$UncaughtExceptionHandler (uncaughtException [_ thread e] (prn e))))