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No, I use Emacs for pretty much everything except things like Java/Scala. It’s just not as pleasant to work with some of those languages, because the tooling is pretty basic. On the other hand - most Lisps have amazing Emacs support.


Same here, then. Thanks for the clarification^^ And good luck that your paid future exposure to Java becomes less and your exposure to the languages you enjoy, increases!


I wouldn’t worry much about this - I used to be a Java/Scala dev a while ago, haven’t really done much with either since. 🙂


Actually, I don't. Haven't done Java or .NET in .. 10 years. It's mostly Clojure, Ruby or JavaScript these days. Or mails, or project planning. All of which are great on Emacs, too(;


You’re living the dream! 😉

🎊 8