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Just in case anyone else runs into this.. i fixed it by replacing (require ’clj-refactor) with (clj-refactor-mode t) in my .emacs config


OK, I give up on getting non-emacs folks to use ;; for line comments. I'm told that Cursive doesn't have a way to configure that. Anyone found a way to tell emacs not to reindent single-`;` line comments in clj/s?


@eggsyntax ; in classic Lisp tradition means inline comment, that’s why Emacs re-indents those. People should be using ;; (or more ;) for line comments.


Right now there’s no easy way to change this and the behaviour in Cursive is wrong as far as I’m concerned.


I know. I agree entirely that Cursive is wrong here (sorry @cfleming). But I work with a number of Cursive users, and I'm tired of nagging them to remember to do it.


Got it. Well, it seems to me that ideally this should be fixed in Cursive.


Well, I've filed a Cursive issue requesting at least a config option to use ;; for line comments. In the meantime I'll keep poking around for workarounds. My best guess at this point is that I'd have to write my own comment-indent-function. Here's the issue, in case anyone has anything they want to add:


Yeah, I think currently we just use the one from lisp-mode. Might be good to move it to clojure-mode, so at least we can make it configurable.


If you want to take a stab at this - I can provide you with some tactical support.

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has anyone gotten expand-region to work in emacs 26.1?


@soosool12 I think it works for me on 26.0.91


but exactly is not working?


seems to be expanding one delimiter more than it should. i.e. (let [asdf asdf] )


that is what it highlights if my cursor is on the first opening square bracket @richiardiandrea


hmm ok maybe i will consider downgrading. thanks for checking for me!