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hello! I'm not understand after what, but my spacemacs starts to check bracket inside the ;; comments and do not load files in REPL. can I getting back normal behaviour?


sorry, you have separate channel of spacemacs ) maybe you have one for console spacemacs or spacemacs in light themes? 😁


Hi @ivana Sorry, I can’t help you with your problem. But the rationale behind the separate channels is not as shady as you’re suspecting^^ Spacemacs is not a ‘theme’. It is a complete Emacs distribution - with all kinds of packages pre-packaged. That alone wouldn’t qualify for a good reason for a separate channel, though. However, Spacemacs is very opionionated and changes a lot of standard behaviour of Emacs. Even the standard shortcuts to access functions and such are completely different. So, some problems might be reproducable on Emacs, some might stem from downstream changes in Spacemacs.


Thanks for explaining. Anyway, the problem was solved 🙂