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clojure-mode should derive (and it derives from prog-mode).


Right, my issue was about the key map, which I read should be done explicitly - might be wrong, it was some time ago I think:


REPL modes and such usually derive from comint, special or fundamental mode.


the mailing list is getting a little spicy with RMS wanting to make emacs a word processor and Daniel Colascione wanting to work on the GC.


as a direction RMS desires is for emacs to compete with LibreOffice in service word processing needs


Wat? - think I need an xplanation for this expression - I have to watch it every now and then:


some snippy remarks here and there between Daniel and RMS


genuine lmao at stallman's email header


I forget about it and each time I see it it's a special little treat


no idea why 'make emacs a word processor' is a focus now though


huh, I guess I'd always thought that org-mode, markdown-mode, and just plain text mode were good enough for a "what you see is what you mean" editor, and never really considered a "what you see is what you get" editor like libreoffice is. Thinking about it, there's nothing wrong with building in WYSIWYG capabilities to emacs, I just never thought it necessary? And definitely not at the expense of other improvements?


if I were going to completely rewrite the rendering engine to improve support for proportional text it would not be to further it as a word processor, it would be to make it render much much faster


org publishing has always been good to me


yeah it seems way off base to me


of course, this is the same group that lead to this decision: so..."way off base" is always relative




I respect what stallman has done by not sacrificing his principles, but I'd like some pragmatism


yeah i agree. this just seems like a weird thing to take aim at


It's not only weird, it's plain bizarre. Love him but I guess since he has to use pretty outdated hardware to do his things, is pretty distant from "modern" software and I'm sure hasn't tried his hands at any modern IDE or competing text editors, his priorities may be twisted. Oh, well, it's his editor. Seems like the dream that Emacs will be the goto tool for secretaries hasn't died.


And he doesn't use Org by the way, as far as I know. He considers it to be an example of an Emacs package that is too decoupled from the rest of Emacs. So that is maybe another reason.