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Cam Saul01:11:02

Yeah, you can do it with an .Xmodmap. I did this on my laptop running Kali to make my right modifier keys act as 'hyper and 'alt so I can set up more key bindings. Unlike Windows or macOS I don’t think there’s any way to do that in Emacs Lisp


thanks for the input @camsaul. I'd do exactly that but I rarely use my linux laptop (vs. macbook), don't want to touch xmodmap ever again 😆 I wanted this especially for my coworkers (we're creating a joint setup), but if part of the README says set up this xmodmap..., things begin to get fragile

Cam Saul01:11:09

@vemv you can always just simulate modifier keys by typing C-x @ <letter> e.g. C-x @ h for 'hyper or C-x @ s for 'super. Almost as easy as the real thing!

Cam Saul01:11:44

But realistically maybe just take something like <f7> that’s not used by default and use it as a prefix and put all your custom project-specific keybindings under that.


is it possible/easy to get cider to persist repl history on a per-project basis?


right now it's not saving history at all. or at least, it's not showing anything when i start a repl


nvm, non-project specific history is good enough. achieved with (setq cider-repl-history-file "path/to/file")


.Xmodmap is not the best way, one can try setxkbmap


@akjetma if you do want to do per-project, you could probably configure that variable via a .dir-locals.el file ( in each project directory