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i just set up i3 window manager and have moved some things around. now the suggestions from emacs that are normally right under the text are quite skewed and all over the place. Is there a way to fix this that anyone knows?


@dpsutton I'm using i3 and Emacs. I suppose you're talking about the MiniBuffer. I never had an issue with it being skewed and didn't have to fix anything for it. I know this doesn't really help, so far. But maybe there's something responsible in your Emacs config.


no, its not the minibuffer, let me see if i can get a screenshot


it's the autocomplete suggestions which happen "inline"


and since i just learned how to adjust the volume i think screenshots are a little ways off 🙂


hihi If you have imagemagick installed, you can just call import foo.png on the commandline.


Or if you've got gimp, you can use that.


auto-complete and squiggly lines (for example from flycheck) are the only things I can think of when you say "it's the autocomplete suggestions which happen inline".


It's after midnight here, so I'll be dropping off real soon. If you manage to take a screenshot and put it here, I'll get back to it if nobody else answered before me. Anyways - good luck and enjoy i3 and Emacs. Those are easily the best at what they are doing.


there. and sometimes it's even worse. but it's a minor worry in the grand scheme of what can go wrong in emacs 🙂 and i'm quite enjoying i3


don't stay up on my account. i'm more than happy and it was just a passing though


I honestly don't know how this could go wrong. I'll sleep on it and maybe can come up with something^^


well thanks for the help and screenshots. have a good night