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can someone tells me why cider fails when trying to start a clojurescript repl?


@decim - maybe you have figured this out already - but it looks like 171 of your snippet may give a clue?


Caused by: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Call to clojure.core/ns did not conform to spec:


funny enough it does compile outside of cider. I noticed this a few weeks ago when I first attempted to work with clojurescript doing a tutorial. It doesn’t seem to mater what project i’m in, Cider doesn’t seem to like it. I’ll be doing some more toying around this morning so I can go back and see if the stack trace is similar.


Is a (ns) structured incorrectly? does the program build outside of cider?


require instead of :require?


I've always had some problem with cider-jack-in-clojurescript. It starts 2 repls (this can be configured) and it's matter of luck if cider recognizes that a repl is running. For my side, I'd always recommend people starting normal clojure repl and use piggyback to transform it into cljs repl.


@hlolli what do you mean "problem"? When you have 2 repls you can evaluate Clojure (when you're in Clojure file) and Clojurescript (when you're in .cljs) file. Even more - you can evaluate .cljc file by just changing the mode. It even grays out things that's irrelevant for specific mode.


Having two repls running simultaneously is quite nice