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I’m surprised that VimL has almost twice as many “digits”/repos as Emacs Lisp


Well, vim is a much more popular editor, so there’s nothing surprising here.


Keep in mind that it’s shipped by default with every Unix-like OS in existance (`vi`‘s actually required, not vim, but most OSes ship vim anyways)


> vi's actually required In what sense? Is that some POSIX standard or something? Do e.g. lightweight special-purpose docker images still have vi? Just curious.


This utility shall be provided on systems that both support the User Portability Utilities option and define the POSIX2_CHAR_TERM symbol. On other systems it is optional. lightweight special-purpose docker images have what you put in them, right? This has more to do with an OS conforming to a standard


I'm trying to take advantage of and I've got this:

   (cider-boot-parameters . "dev")))
However it doesn't work without (require 'cider) in my init.el. Any way I can set this up such that it will work as long as cider is installed?


@U09LZR36F have you tried:

(with-eval-after-load 'cider (setq cider-boot-parameters "dev"))


I think dir-locals.el would mark the evaluation of that as unsafe


yeah, any emacs-lisp code in dir-locals would be marked unsafe (I think). You'd have to press y or !


But you can set certain variables marked as safe. But that's kinda pointless if the variable hasn't been loaded yet.


@U09LZR36F I guess dir-locals require actual declared variables in order to work right. In the worst case you can just (defvar cider-boot-parameters) in your init.el to declare the var.


Yeah, that's the problem. Although, such a defvar would need a safe right? 😛. Back at square 1. The usage here is for people unfamiliar with emacs/init.el, taking training course or joining a project with spacemacs & such. Harder to communicate changes to init.el, when jack-in just works for other things.


docker run busybox vi is a thing