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Hey, any users of magit-gh-pulls?


Fetching a PR doesn’t work for me but I’m unsure about what I could have done wrong (I did nothing fancy)


Hi there 🙂 I’ve been trying to use Dirac (#dirac, from within Emacs. It’s been implemented as a Piggieback middleware fork, so we cannot run both of them. In Emacs I do (cider-jack-in) to launch a REPL then I enter (dirac! :version) but I got these error messages:

error in process filter: if: [nREPL] No response handler with id nil found
error in process filter: [nREPL] No response handler with id nil found
When I launch a REPL from the terminal it works like a charm:
$lein repl
user=> (dirac! :help)
;; You can control Dirac REPL via special `dirac` command:
Thanks in advance if you have any hints!