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in lispy/lispyville, if I'm in the middle of a string, say "foo|" then when I press ", what I wnat: "foo"| what I get: "foo\"|\"" how do I tell lispy -- when I hit ", I wnat to exit string -- I don't want to insert a quote dstring ?


Hey folks, I use Emacs and my colleague uses Cursive (sorry!) - works fine but there's a few differences in the way indentation works between the two that's a pain! Is there a way to get Cursive to use the same indentation style as Emacs and apply it automatically?


@brabster ehm… maybe editorconfig? both InteliJ and Emacs support it


What are the differences/benefits of inf-clojure over inf-lisp?


@eggsyntax thanks for reminding me to follow up on that issue. I came up with a fix but didn't submit it as a PR yet. I was hoping to get some more feedback on it since I'm not sure how good of a fix it is, but I'll open a PR that might be a quicker way to get feedback


@plexus I saw that, thanks for figuring that out! It seemed like a reasonable solution to me, at least for now. Let's get that puppy into master 😉


In the meanwhile if anyone has a clue about what inf-clojure provides that inf-lisp doesn't I'm all ears. I've been telling people "it's better because it's Clojure specific" but no idea what that actually implies.


the only thing I can think of is that it knows about metadata and reader forms so it sends things as ^:foo [:bar] or [:baz] as a single form


is anyone running into gc issues with emacs? it seems that someitmes, after an emacs session has been running for 2-3 days, it starts becoming laggy for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON -- i.e. when I'm ediitng an org snippet that is < 100 lines long


are you on windows?


i'm seeing something similar in my version of emacs that's been open for a few days


I'm on OSX


I don't know if it's (1) an org mode special edit thing (2) a lispy thing [unlikely, as editing plain *.cljs files tend to not lag] or (3) a emacs-has-been-running-too-long thing


i notice it on windows but not my fedora box at home


@qqq I generally leave my emacs (in server/daemon mode) running in the background on my linux machine for weeks at a time without noticing any speed differences. Similar to my OSX expectations (except in the order of days instead of weeks as an average run time)