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in paredit, "asdf|" if I type ", it exits the string; in lispy, it inserts a \" --> how do I tell lispy to 'exit" the string when I'm at "asdf|", where | = cursor


nope, inserts it normally


there is something else though, lispy-end-of-line or something, which moves to just after end of string if inside a string -- just bound that to a hydra


I'm trying to use multiple cursors with emacs. Everything is working fine. Until I start using hydra -- because hydra constantly asks me "Do hydra-... for all cursors?" I want this to default to "yes" all the time.


anyone running into the following problem? if you call lispy-cursor-down from inside a hydra, it adds TWO cursors instead of adding just ONE cursor?


anyone know why lispy uses multiple-cursors for first demo? (out of the 6) // it basically breaks under evil mode


the jump from "vim -> paredit" is about the same as "paredid -> lispy" -- lispy is something else