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@ag What version of Emacs and org-mode are you using? I’m on 25.1 and 9.0.4. I upgraded to 9.0.4 and ran into the same issue as you. I changed some code in ob-clojure.el and now I see results in the #+RESULTS block.


What would be a smart way to wrap messaging buffer sending to stdout and/or to api endpoint. In short I have logs arriving from an app, and I want to print them into emacs buffer in the same way as nrepl or Message buffers are printing logs. I'm tempted to use some async libs to ask if the buffer-queue has any logs, then print the log and pop the buffer. But somethign tells me there must be a way to redirect stdout into emacs (though I cant start the process with sentiel as I'm using emacs modules). Well, can't get my question out probably, but any reading material on logging would be also appreachiated.


@hlolli are the logs only going to stdout or are they going to a file? I’ve not tried it, but here is a snippet where someone uses emacs in place of tail -f :


yes, its going to stdout if I want. Very cool hack there, did consider using emacsclient and start server and do emacsclient --eval. Maybe I should reconsider that. Another way Im considering is to somehow connect two processes togeather. Because Im using comnit mode buffer, and to get it started Im starting a noop emacs process called "hexl" which has TTY: /dev/pts/0, maybe its possible to set stdout from my logs into stdin of /dev/pts/0?


bamm echo "olafur" > /dev/pts/0 prins the string in the emacs buffer.


if you don’t want to lose stdout you could use tee too


echo “olafur” | tee /dev/pts/0


ah yes I see the difference.


thanks, Im a noob in this area.


no problem. I hope it works out. 🙂