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Does anyone feel like trying out my minor mode for editing string literals/docstrings? I wrote it to make it easier to edit long markdown-formatted docstrings. Some final touches need to be done but it’s fully functional:


the idea behind it is similar to org-mode’s org-edit-src-code


when point is at a (doc)string, you can press C-c ' and it will open the content of the string in a separate buffer, with quotes unescaped and markdown-mode switched on, ready for editing, then another press on C-c ' will paste the editing buffer content back into the original string literal


this sounds like a great idea tbh


I’ve got some code with multi-page docstrings, and at that point it becomes very useful


thanks. yeah I found it very handy in org-mode, so I just copied the idea


I'm a big fan of helm. One thing I can not figure out how to do is the following: (1) I provide a bunch of lines of text; and (2) I narrow through them via helm. Is there a way to do this?


I want to define my own 'helm window thingy', where I manually provide the lines of text / where it should djump to, and then I leverage the helm interface to narrow through it.


@caio: this is exactly what I needed; thanks!