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when I open a new test namespace, it automatically gets a ns form that requires clojure.test and the namespace under test. Is that a CIDER or a clj-refactor thing? And is the exact form configurable?

Stefan Roex12:04:38

@plexus It’s a clj-refactor thing. You can configure the behaviour with cljr-add-ns-to-blank-clj-files, but I don’t think the form itself is configurable.


thanks, I'll have a look


Parts of it are configurable. You can change sut to something else for instance


But I think that's only on the snapshot


Would folks be interested in a fork of emacs live but dedicated to lisps only? My goal would be: a) to keep it more up to the current version of cider/clj-refactor... b) add geiseir and racket support c) remove languages like ruby/haskell that are there at the moment but personally I don't use so they are required for no reason


I am doing this anyways myself so there would be little overhead for me if somebody is interested