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I'm on an older computer mac osx 10.7.5 with emacs 24.5 (9.0) and cider-jack-in gives me "The lein executable (specified by cider-lein-command or cider-boot-command) isn't on your exec-path. I'm using lein version 2.6.1 Any guidance how to get a repl back appreciated


@aaelony: Not sure what your configs (emacs, cider) are, but assuming that the lein command works from the command line but not in an emacs shell window, then try adding the exec-path-from-shell package to your emacs config. Alternatively, set the cider-lein-command to the full path name of the lein command. Also try asking in the #C0617A8PQ channel.


yeah, lein works fine at the cli but not in emacs (on this older laptop). I'll give that a shot.


i have something in my init.el about setting paths. I feel like I had that issue in a former life


@aaelony: after installing exec-path-from-shell, run (exec-path-from-shell-initialize) in your init.el


thanks, dorab. I need to set time aside to research and fix this, it appears there are multiple issues... cider is installed but cider-lein-command is not there, tabling it to the weekend