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looking for some advice on how to accomplish something. i use direnv to set env vars in my shell when I cd into my project dir. one of these tells the app which logical environment it’s in (e.g. development v. test). when I launch cider, it inherits the environment from emacs. if i launch emacs as a gui app using a launcher of course those envvars are not set. if I launch it from within that terminal session of course everything works. using emacs + prelude + projectile. I’d like to have some elisp to read the .envrc file and call setenv appropriately so I don’t need to launch emacs from the terminal. anyone have a recommended approach? current thinking is that I should attempt to see if projectile has a hook when it opens a project file I could tap into, but this could be completely off base...


perhaps not the most idiomatic… now just need to have this run when I switch to a new project


is there a way to get project specific cider history? I use cider/emacs across a few clj projects and all of the history is conflated into a single file. Is there a good way to separate these so that I only go through the history for that given project in the repl rather than ALL history?


in Paredit, if I am in a sexp that I want to delete, is there a way kill it from any point? (now I go to top and forward delete the sexp)