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Hello, I have a strange Emacs problem related to keybindings. I'm trying to get cider-macroexpand-1 working on my machine. This should be bound to C-c C-m in cider mode. This used to work some time ago, but now whenever I hit C-c C-m Emacs barks with C-C RET is undefined.


When starting a clean Emacs with emacs -nwq I also get this.


Any ideas?


C-m is equivalent of RET


@andrewtropin: Hmm, ok. Looking at the keybindings in cider-mode it also says C-c RET is bound to cider-macroexpand-1. But if I press this key sequence nothing happens and the minibuffer shows C-c RET- waiting for another key. If I then press "x" for example it says C-c RET x is undefined.


I'm not good enough in emacs keybindings, because they aweful, i prefer to use spacemacs with vim-like keybindings


@andrewtropin: ok, thanks anyway simple_smile


C-c RET works in my spacemacs


@r0man: what does

C-h b
tell you?


for example my cider related ones...

Major Mode Bindings:
key             binding
---             -------

C-c		Prefix Command
C-j		cider-repl-newline-and-indent
RET		cider-repl-return
C-x		Prefix Command
ESC		Prefix Command
,		cider-repl-handle-shortcut
<C-down>	cider-repl-forward-input
<C-return>	cider-repl-closing-return
<C-up>		cider-repl-backward-input
<S-home>	cider-repl-bol-mark

C-x C-e		cider-eval-last-sexp

M-,		cider-pop-back
M-.		cider-find-var
M-n		cider-repl-next-input
M-p		cider-repl-previous-input
M-r		cider-repl-previous-matching-input
M-s		cider-repl-next-matching-input

C-c C-b .. C-c C-c		cider-interrupt
C-c C-d		cider-doc-map
C-c RET		cider-macroexpand-1
C-c C-n		cider-repl-next-prompt
C-c C-o		cider-repl-clear-output
C-c C-p		cider-repl-previous-prompt
C-c C-q		cider-quit
C-c C-r		cider-eval-region
C-c C-u		cider-repl-kill-input
C-c C-x		cider-refresh
C-c C-z		cider-switch-to-last-clojure-buffer
C-c ESC		Prefix Command
C-c C-.		cider-find-ns

C-c M-.		cider-find-resource
C-c M-i		cider-inspect
C-c M-m		cider-macroexpand-all
C-c M-n		cider-repl-set-ns
C-c M-o		cider-repl-switch-to-other
C-c M-s		cider-selector
C-c M-t		Prefix Command

C-c M-t n	cider-toggle-trace-ns
C-c M-t v	cider-toggle-trace-var

C-c C-d C-a	cider-apropos
C-c C-d C-d	cider-doc
C-c C-d C-j	cider-javadoc
C-c C-d C-r	cider-grimoire
C-c C-d A	cider-apropos-documentation
C-c C-d a	cider-apropos
C-c C-d d	cider-doc
C-c C-d h	cider-grimoire-web
C-c C-d j	cider-javadoc
C-c C-d r	cider-grimoire


@twillis: mine is this


hmmm how about

C-h f cider-macroexpand-1



cider-macroexpand-1 is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function in

It is bound to C-c RET, <menu-bar> <REPL> <Macroexpand>

(cider-macroexpand-1 &optional PREFIX)

Invoke 'macroexpand-1' on the expression preceding point.
If invoked with a PREFIX argument, use 'macroexpand' instead of