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I've finally hunkered down and start to hack on Calva a bit. In the process, as is natural, I got lost in a sea of TypeScript as Calva has a lot of features. And VSCode's API seems to be extremely limiting.


@mauricio.szabo I found your repl-tooling project, and I was thinking to experimenting with that for a new VSCode extension. Is it still current? Note, this is purely experimental for my education...


Sure, it is current, but the current version is at the Gitlab:


Please ping me if you need any help. There's little documentation, but you can check Clover source code (it's quite small, honestly):


Also, I have a post when I implement a "repl-tooling client" if that helps:


And finally, ping me if you have any questions. Also, I'm quite curious too, what do you intend to do with this new VSCode extension?


Thanks! The VSCode extension is mainly for my education about the VSCode API and various extension points, from a blank slate. Not sure if anything useful will come out of it.


I might start with Clover, actually 🙂


Although the weekend is over so not sure when I'll have the time to deal with this.


(It's interesting that developing a Clojure extension has a step threshold: until you can connect to a REPL and evaluate stuff, everything else is moot, plus you can't hack on your own extension).