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Folks, I'm having a weird idea now, and I want to see if anyone else is interested 😄. I've been thinking if it would be too hard to "Phoenix Down" Atom. I'm trying to migrate some parts of it to ClojureScript, so I can hot-reload instead of making random changes and trying to figure out what's wrong 😄. So far, I got some parts of it running, and I'm thinking about some steps to at least modernize things a little bit: 1. Make it easier to build from source (currently, npm install doesn't work reliably) 2. Update/change some dependencies (there are deps that depend on native packages that don't compile correctly, or don't support more modern Electron versions) 3. Adapt an "editor API" that routes the current Atom editor commands to something else (so Atom could use Codemirror, for example, so updating Electron will be easier. This also can cut about 10k lines of code, which is always good to have) 4. Create a "VSCode API" adapter (this may allow to use VSCode plug-ins in Atom) I have no idea if I will continue this crazy idea or not. Just sketching here so at least someone that's interested can jump in 😄