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hi, today I’m working on some html generation with hiccup in emacs(cider), and I was wondering if anyone knows how to get hiccup autocompletions going in emacs?


at the very least you should be getting generic (non-hiccup-specific) kw completions, are you? CIDER uses , if you wish a hiccup-specific behavior, it's certainly doable


I am getting kw completions, It’s just wrt hiccup


Thanks for the link, it looks like I maybe need to look into the custom sources functionality


I type things like :meta and I would think by the time I type :m it would be able to pick up :meta, but it doesn’t. Any resources would be helpful, I’m an emacs noob


@j3elam Maybe ask in #cider or #emacs ? I think there are a variety of ways to get auto-complete in Emacs. It's been years since I last used it tho'...

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