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Shantanu Kumar08:09:51

I have trouble getting this to work (x64 OSX, Atom 1.20.1)


I have a paredit package installed in Atom. Let me check if it's that one @kumarshantanu


The MarcoPolo one hasn't been updated for two years.

Shantanu Kumar16:09:08

@seancorfield How do you activate the paredit key bindings with lisp-paredit? C-RightArrow, C-LeftArrow etc don’t seem to be working. (I’ve removed the old atom-paredit)

Shantanu Kumar16:09:54

Oh, the keystrokes are different here, they seem to be working. Will explore, thanks @seancorfield


@kumarshantanu Are you using ProtoREPL? There's a #protorepl channel (not sure if you knew).