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@venantius In your blog post on fireplace, you say that <C-w> gets you back to the original file, I don't seem to be able to do this. Is it possible a different file provides this? (I REALLY want it!)


@venantius: <C-o> says google, just tried it, that works


Really neat line for vim users (And also Unite.vim users)


nnoremap <leader>m :Unite mapping<cr>
Lets you search your mappings, so you don't forget, as I always do. Great for learning vim-sexp for example.


@juhoteperi: Your vim-cider plugin, would you be up for making refactor_nrepl_options be reloaded for every call? Or manually callable perhaps? Occasionally I have to disable removing unused when I'm running a clean, and I just want sorting pretty much. Nvim-refactor doesn't support nesting, which is a must feature for me currently.


Ooh, looks like it can, just doesn't