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@jteneycke: if you want to use ctrl-<left/right> on the mac, you need to disable they keybindings for Mission control in System preferences->keyboard->Shortcuts 😉


adulteratedjedi: OMG!!!! THANK YOU!


@gjnoonan: I remember years ago watching the dev I first caught the emacs/clojure bug from slurping and barfing parens like nobodies business (on an ubuntu rig) and being mightily impressed that you could manipulate the tree that way. Mucho gracias for the pointer!


@gjnoonan: I don’t use Mission control for any of my work flow anyways. It’s all full/split screen with Spectacle and command tab switching between open windows on the same desktop. (Trying vainly to simulate my i3wm experience).


I am a fan of Tiling window managers too, I went from Awesome to xmonad, Now when i’m on my Arch machines I use bspwm. I never did give i3 a try


i3 is pretty great, it even has a json api of sorts that you can send commands too, and the default bindings are mostly sensible. But now that I’ve got a Macbook, my Arch desktop has been collecting dust. simple_smile It’s kind of nice to have a Unix that just works out the box and not have to do open heart surgery on myself with a half functioning arm and an eye that sporadically turns itself on and off again. 😄