# dunaj

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paul 02:58:03

so is #dunaj ... like ... the clojure subversive underground? I mean, nobody on clojure-dev even acknowledges its existince. I think. :wink:

arrdem 02:58:29

It's not clear.

arrdem 02:58:51

Whether Dunaj seeks to be a hard and permanent fork of clojure is up for debate :stuck_out_tongue:

micha 03:27:05

hm, is there drama about it?

micha 03:27:24

like will this channel annoy the clojure community or something?

wagjo 07:15:26

Hi, author here

wagjo 08:35:07

Dunaj is here to stay, I plan to release stabilize API and release 1.0 once Clojure 1.7 is out. Implementation is robust and can be used for real world projects.

wagjo 08:39:00

I'm more than willing to provide separate feature requests, tickets and patches to Clojure if core team considers some of Dunaj's features useful.

wagjo 08:41:00

Dunaj is backwards compatible with Clojure, can be used with existing Clojure libraries, Datomic etc. There is even a lite version of Dunaj which is the library only variant, that works with ordinary Clojure.

micha 16:43:42

hi wagjo, thanks for all the work you've done with dunaj