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Hi, i am beginner in clojure and duct. I am not able to find way to wire to able handle path `/complex`  properly for my hobby project `smallshop`. I’ve set the path in `:duct.router/ataraxy`   and `init-key :smallshop.handler/complex`  in file `complex.clj` under `src/smallshop/handler` . But HTTP request to ``  always return empty html page. I’ve been look to and but cannot find clue where i am messed up. I’ve create gist for my,, and Thank you beforehand.


You need to change a couple of things. You don't need to create a handler as a module key. I created an example of a duct project for you that has only one endpoint :3000/simple.


This also uses Reitit instead of Ataraxy since it's a bit better developed


Thanks a lot, I successfully set it up with your sample project as reference.


And thanks for point out about module. I missed the difference between module and profile.


Here's a pretty decent overview about the configuration

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Including the difference betweet base / module / profile keys