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Is there something special preparation required when running Duct with the reloaded repl workflow in a project that uses folders in the src directory? When I have a .clj file in a sub-folder in the src directory, and I run (reset) in the REPL, I'm getting an error that the namespace of the file in the subfolder cannot be found. (dev)(go) or lein run work on the same folder-structure, so it's not Clojure not finding the namespace, it's specific to the Integrant reloading. Moving the file into the root folder of the project (and rewriting the namespaces where required) also solves the problem. The file in the sub-folder is not a component, so it's not part of the configuration map. It's a 'boring' Clojure namespace containing mostly public functions and a dynamic var.


I had an issue like this before, try running lein clean


That fixed it for me