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Danny Almeida21:02:48

When trying to migrate from duct/core "0.7.0" to "0.8.0", I get an error when launching repl in cider - "Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (repl.clj:1:1). Could not locate hawk/core__init.class, hawk/core.clj or hawk/core.cljc on classpath."

Danny Almeida21:02:30

If i manually include hawk dependency in project.clj, then it works.


i.e. hawk is considered a dev dependency and, so to avoid cluttering up your production builds with hawk, it's defined as a "provided" dependency - i.e. one that you must include yourself (presumably as a dev dependency).

Danny Almeida20:02:11

Ah! I see. was not mentioned anywhere, so I was not sure if there was something in my setup causing the error. Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers


This needs to be added in the new lein template. As well as the new core version. That will prevent this issue for new users at least


Maybe @U0BKWMG5B could consider making a new release so other people won't bump into this issue?


I've noticed some strange behavior occasionally, and I'm wondering if anyone else has hit something like this. For note, I'm on duct.core 0.6.2 ; but I've noticed that somehow an init-key, that returns a reify'd protocol, ends up being nil, and then subsequent calls to those protocol methods end up failing with No implementation of method: -foo ... found for class: nil. Does any of this (or some impl detail of reify) ring a bell to anyone?


I haven’t noticed anything like that.